What Our Clients Are Saying:

  • I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation at how hard you worked to find me additional life insurance coverage. I know it wasn’t easy and it took a long time but you did it and I am truly grateful! I could not be more pleased with the amazing service I received from Justin and his team. I highly recommend them!!

    – Andrea D.

  • Your support team showed great follow thru. Appreciate all the help.

    – Ed & Suzanne V.

  • I have had a very rewarding experience dealing with your company. Ramon Summerour was my point of contact, and he was always prompt, professional and helpful. I’m very pleased with your customer service and the term life insurance policy that I have been issued. Thank you very much.

    – Trish M.

  • As a business owner, I needed Buy/Sell polices for myself and two partners. I was approached by my local State Farm agent I have known for years. After seeing his expensive quotes, my partners and I put off buying this needed coverage for years. One day, one of my partners told me about this no-fee insurance broker, JRC Insurance Group. He said they specialize in shopping through lots of insurance companies to find the best rates based on your health issues. Being that I have a few, I thought I would give it a try. To make a long story short, I received a $5 million-20 year fixed term policy with Prudential for the same price State Farm offered me for a 5M-10 year fixed term policy! Big Thank You Ramon & JRC! You guys are doing excellent work. I appreciate it greatly!

    – Terry M.

  • Thanks for your help. You were a good find on the Internet….compliments on your web site and tools, they were enough to get me to call you, so they did their job. After the call I felt I had good service along the way from you and your team, you made it easy, no more to ask. Thanks again.

    – Anthony H.

  • Thank you for your service. Your people were hard working and dedicated. I thank them also. My best regards.

    – Dr. Patrick I

  • Justin, your team showed tremendous patience and diligence in getting my application done. I know my case had quite a few nuances that made it difficult to navigate, and potentially difficult to insure – but you persevered and got everything completed when I was doubtful. I have two small children and have recently gone through a divorce, and having this policy in place really puts my mind at ease, and it’s one less thing I have to worry about, and will really let me sleep at night. The peace of mind you were able to give me is irreplaceable, there was a moment where I just did not believe this would go through. Tremendous faith in you, your team, and this experience.

    – Neeraj P.

  • You have my testimony! You are the Second Coming (Of Insurance).

    – Gene E.

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Welcome to Term Life Advice!

We're an independent agency of Licensed Life Insurance Agents with more than 50 years of combined experience.

Our Companies:

With our "one stop shopping" approach, you'll get accurate quote comparisons (not guesses) for up to 40 top-rated life insurance companies all at once, to eliminate the hassle of shopping around.

You cannot find a lower price for the same insurer's product...anywhere!

Better yet, our service is completely free!

We offer Term Life Insurance, Affordable Whole Life, Guaranteed Universal Life, and Guaranteed Issue Insurance options for individuals and business needs.

Who Can We Help?

Our agency specializes in helping clients between the ages of 40 and 80 in excellent health, as well as those with issues. No matter your age, gender, or health, we'll find your most affordable options in a short phone call. When you're ready to proceed, we'll help complete your application and guide you through the process.

We work with families, businesses, and banks for life insurance policies that will protect your family, your estate, a SBA Loan, or a Buy/Sell Agreement for your business.

Would you like to get a ballpark idea of what life insurance will cost you? This article shows sample rates based on your age.

How We Can Help:

It's not "one size fits all".  Each life insurance company has its unique niche for health and lifestyle.  Our agents are experts in these "underwriting" specialties, so once you tell us a little about yourself, we'll match you to the top-rated life insurance companies best for you!

Whether you have unfavorable family history, a bit on the heavy side, smoke, or even been declined for insurance previously, we'll provide helpful information without a sales pitch. We've helped clients with high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes...even heart bypass and cancer history! Got a risky job or hobby? You found the right place!

Why We Are Different:

Please read our testimonials...our clients tell our story best. No pushy sales guys here with quotas to fill....we take pride in being helpful professionals.

We'll listen, answer questions, and do everything we can to solve your problem of finding affordable, high quality life insurance. You'll sleep better once you do...we promise! Toll Free: (855) 902-6494

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