Why Term Life Advice?


Term Life Advice is operated by JRC Insurance Group, a nationally licensed, independent life insurance agency. Our agency is owner-operated, and we work with over 63 top-rated life insurance companies to make sure we always match our clients with the most affordable life insurance options available.

At Term Life Advice, we only work with”A” rated life insurance companies, and our goal is to provide our potential clients with the best customer service in the industry. Most importantly, our services are free, and there is no cost to apply for coverage. In addition to the free expert information that we provide online, we also offer complimentary quotes for term and permanent life insurance policies without requiring any contact information. Helping our clients protect their families at rates that they can afford is our passion.

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Below are a few reasons that set Term Life Advice and JRC Insurance Group apart from our competition:

We have a combination of over 50 years of experience in the life insurance industry – All of our agents are well-versed in life insurance underwriting, and we’re experts at shopping the market for our clients. Believe it or not, every life insurance company has their own underwriting strengths and weaknesses. By having access to each company’s guidelines, we’re able to match our clients with the company that is the best fit for their unique health profile.

We specialize with applicants who are considered to be a “high-risk” for life insurance, but we also offer the most competitive rates for individuals who are in excellent health. Some of the health issues we specialize with include; type II diabetes, heart issues, tobacco use, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, unfavorable family health history, and individuals who are considered to be overweight. We can also help individuals with dangerous hobbies/occupations, and those who are awaiting US citizenship.

In addition to term insurance, we also offer permanent life insurance solutions including; whole life insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance, and guaranteed universal life insurance.

Our agency is independently owned and owner operated – If you decide to give us a call, you will not be speaking to an inexperienced agent from a giant call center. Our agents offer multiple years of experience, and we understand the importance of building relationships with our clients. We take our time with every client to insure that they understand the policy they are buying, and we strive to offer all of our clients the best customer service in the industry. Our agents do not have sales quotas or daily sales goals to meet, our only goal is happy, satisfied clients.

We will make sure to get you the best value from your life insurance policy – In the life insurance industry, there are two types of agents, “captive” and “independent”. A captive agent can only offer insurance products from the company they work for, while an independent agent can anonymously shop the market on your behalf. While most independent agencies only represent 5-10 companies, at Term Life Advice, we work directly with more than 60 top-rated life insurance companies. Most importantly, our agents are extremely well-versed with each company’s unique underwriting guidelines.

By asking you a few qualifying questions about your health and occupation, we will help find you the best solution to your specific situation; whether you need life insurance for a fixed number of years, or for the rest of your life.

Term Life Advice only offers life insurance – At Term Life Advice we focus solely on life insurance to make sure we always provide our clients with the most accurate and up to date information available. We are also aware that many of our competitors will try and pitch you other types of insurance coverage to meet their quotas, rather than focusing on the primary reason for your call, life insurance. Our agents do not have sales quotas of any kind. You’re contacting us for life insurance and you will not have to feel pressured to be “up-sold” on any other types of insurance products.

Give us a toll-free call today at: 855-902-6494 or request a free life insurance quote below. In less than a minute you’ll be able to compare rates from dozens of “A” or better rated life insurance carriers.

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