Customer satisfaction is our primary goal at Term Life Advice and we are committed to our client’s privacy and protection. Term Life Advice agents are fully licensed abide by HIPPA laws ensuring our clients’ personal and financial information is treated confidentially. This Privacy Policy states the uses and benefits of the information gathered, as well as the protection measures so you can feel confident through the entire process.

Is the personal information provided on secure? website is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer, known as SSL. SSL provides a connection between websites and internet browsers so that the information that you provide to us remains secure.

What information do your agents obtain from their clients? How is this information used?

Term Life Advice works as your agent. Most insurance companies require an agent be the “go between” and do not sell direct. One of the most important jobs of an agent is to have a conversation to determine our client’s need for life insurance, and which insurance companies can fulfill this need at the most competitive price. To this end, we will ask a series of common life insurance applications questions related to personal health, family health history, vocation (type of work) and avocation (hobbies and lifestyle).

We will verify contact information in case we need to clarify information during your application process. You’ll receive your assigned agent’s email and direct phone number.

Term Life Advice wants you to feel comfortable with your life insurance purchasing process. We are proudly to be owner-operated (you’re always speaking to a boss!) and our fully licensed, experienced agents have helped thousands of clients obtain life insurance from highly qualified companies.

What is the Cost for Term Life Advice’s service?

There is no cost for our service. We are compensated by whichever life insurance company you choose. If you elect to not purchase life insurance, there is absolutely no cost or obligation.

Will Term Life Advice sell or provide my personal information to other life insurance agents or marketing companies?

Absolutely not. We are fully committed to our clients’ privacy and security and will only share information with the insurance carrier and/or exam company licensed to process life insurance applications in accordance with State and Federal government laws and regulations. No other entity will receive or access to your personal information.

When will Term Life Advice provide my information to the insurance companies? How is this information used?

An applicant’s information is transmitted to an insurance company once the client authorizes our agent(s) to move forward and begin the application process. If your application underwriting requires a free in-home medical exam, the licensed nurse will bring your application for review and signature.

How is it possible for me to review or change my information?

You can access or change the information provided to Term Life Advice by contacting us at (855) 902-6494 or emailing us at To better serve our clients, our agents may ask questions to help us verify your identity. This will help ensure that your information remains safe and confidential.

If you have any questions about Term Life Advices’ privacy policy or website please give a call at 855-902-6494 or email us at