AM Best Grade: A+ (Superior) 5 stars

Company Info: 

Address: 601 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02117

Phone: 800-732-5543


Also known as: John Hancock Life Insurance Company, John Hancock Life Insurance Company of New York

John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company was founded in 1862 in Boston, MA.  The governor of Massachusetts at the time, John. A. Andrews approved the company that was named in honor of one of the United States’ founding fathers. Since 2004, John Hancock Financial has become a subsidiary of the Canada based company Manulife Financial Corporation, but the headquarters still remains in Boston.

John Hancock Life Insurance Company has been serving customers for the past 150 years, they currently have 3.5 million policy holders in Asia, Canada, and the United States.  As of March 2015, John Hancock Financial has $349.8 Billion dollars of assets under management. The company has been publicly traded in the NYSE since 2000 (JHF) and reports to paying out over $2.3 Billion dollars in claims annually.  They also take pride in their efforts in the “green movement” by having a 11,000 square foot garden on the roof of their corporate building as well as using machinery that reduces their heating and cooling consumption by 6% annually.

By Ramon Summerour, August 2015