AM Best Grade: A+ (Superior) 5 stars

Company Info: 

Address: Mutual of Omaha Plaza, Omaha, NE 68175

Phone: 800-228-7104


Also known as: United of Omaha Life Insurance Company, Companion Life Insurance Co.

Mutual Benefit Health & Accident Association, which is now Mutual of Omaha filed it’s articles of incorporation in 1909.  By 1920, the company was licensed in 15 different states and it’s premiums had reached over one million dollars.  Mutual Benefit was licensed in all 48 states and two territories by 1939.  They founded their Group Insurance department in 1941, and in 1950 the company shortened it’s name to Mutual of Omaha and revealed their new logo which was a Native American in a full headdress.  By 1958, Mutual of Omaha had reached One Billion dollars in benefits paid to it’s customers.  Mutual of Omaha began sponsoring USA swimming in 2001, this was the same year that they decided to revitalize their brand.

Mutual of Omaha celebrated its centennial in 2009, and currently has 3.5 million individual product customers.  In 2014, the company reported to pay out $3 Billion dollars in benefits to it’s policyholders, $2.5 Billion dollars of that sum being paid to individual policyholders.  Mutual of Omaha is proud to have a policy surplus of $2.7 Billion dollars which provides financial peace of mind to their customers; in addition the company reports to have $34.5 Billion dollars in assets as of 2014.

By Ramon Summerour,  August, 2015