AM Best Grade: A- (Excellent) 4.5 stars

Company Info: 

Address: 4343 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Phone: 800-724-4267


Also known as: Sagicor Life, Sagicor Capital Life

Sagicor Financial traces it’s roots back to the Caribbean, in 1840 the Barbados Life Assurance Company was founded.  Between the years 1849 and 1896 the company expanded throughout the Caribbean and there were also investments made throughout the former British Empire, Norway, Argentina, Japan, and the United States.  In November of 2002, the policyholders decided to demutualize the company, this was seen a necessary step so that the company could continue to expand. In 2005, Sagicor Financial acquired American Founders Life, which was a company that was founded in Texas back in 1954, the company was immediately rebranded as Sagicor Life Insurance Company.

Sagicor got it’s name by combining two words “Sage” which means wisdom and “Core” which means heart or judgement.  This reflects their philosophy of having wisdom with heart.  Sagicor Financial operate in 21 countries, mostly throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Latin America, and the Caribbean.  They are also currently traded on the Barbados, Trinidad & Trabago, London, and Jamaica Stock Exchanges.  As of 2013, Sagicor USA reports to have $5.78 Billion dollars in assets and a net income of $39.3 million dollars.

By Jason Dana,  August, 2015